Universal Biyokimya Reaktifleri

OEM Reaktifler

ImproGen Bulk & OEM Reagents

OEM & Bulk
Biochemistry Reagents

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ImproGen TDM & DOA

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Reagents
Drugs Of Abuse Reagents

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Hematoloji Solüsyonları

ImproGen Hematology Reagents

Hematology Reagents For 3 & 5 Part Hematology Analyzers

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Koagülasyon Reaktifleri

Coagulation Reagents

Coagulation and Fibrinolysis

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ISE & Yıkama Solüsyonları

ImproGen ISE & Wash Reagents

ISE Solutions
Acid & Alkaline Wash Solutions

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Biyokimya Kontrol & Kalibratörleri

ImproGen Controls & Calibrators

Calibraors & Controls For Clinical Biochemistry Reagents

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Universal Biyokimya Reaktifleri

Universal Clinical Biochemistry Reagents

Multipurpose clinical chemistry for semi-auto analyzers

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