Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Reagents

Therapeutic drugs are used to heal, control, or prevent certain diseases and conditions, and are often required throughout a person’s lifetime to treat chronic conditions. Most therapeutic drugs have a narrow therapeutic index and require regular monitoring to ensure correct levels of the drug in the blood are maintained; therapeutic index refers to the difference in the amount that causes a therapeutic effect, and the amount that causes toxicity. Toxic levels may occur as a result of other factors affecting a person’s ability to absorb the drug i.e. change in health, additional medication that may be reacting with the drug, and, overdose. In addition, sub-therapeutic levels may occur where the patient’s level of the drug is inadequate for their treatment.

Drugs Of Abuse Reagents

Substance abuse is a large and growing problem in societies all around the world. Drug use does not only affect the user but all of those around them. Drug abuse can put a strain on public health systems, the criminal justice system and society within society.
Drug abuse includes illegal substances and therapeutic drugs such as sedatives, pain medication and synthetic substances.
Improgen provides the building blocks of drug testing with high quality antibodies and conjugates for assay development.

Compatible Analyzers:
Abbott (Architect, Aeroset) , Beckman Coulter ( AU, DxC ), Siemens ( Advia ), Mindray ( Bs Series ), Dirui ( CS Series ), Erba ( XL Series ), Thermo Scientific ( Konelab ), Hitachi, Biosystems, Tokyo Boeki ( Biolis, Prestige )

Cat. No.
Products Description
ACT0217 Acetaminophen 35 ml
CAR0217 Carbamazepine 34 ml
DIG0217 Digoxin 28 ml
GEN0217 Gentamicin 42 ml
LIT0217 Lithium 49,6 ml
PHB0217 Phenobarbital 46 ml
PHT0217 Phenytoin 46 ml
SAL0217 Salicylate 28 ml
VPA0217 Valproic Acid 34 ml
BAR0217 Barbiturates 49,8 ml
BEN0217 Benzodiazepines 49,8 ml
CAN0217 Cannabinoids 49,8 ml
CMB0217 Cocaine Metabolite 49,8 ml
OPI0217 Opiates 49,8 ml
EDD0217 EDDP 49,8 ml
ECS0217 Ecstasy 49,8 ml
ETH0217 Ethanol 49,8 ml
MET0217 Methadone 49,8 ml
MTP0217 Methamphetamine 49,8 ml

Dedicated With Barcoded
Improgen Dedicated Read reagents are simple to use:
Step 1: Load your Dedicated Read reagent onto the clinical analyser.
Step 2: As all necessary settings are encoded on the barcode.
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