ImproGen, diagnostic products and systems help benefit the health and well-being of people around the world. Our solutions improve the quality and affordability of diagnostic tools and help diagnostic laboratories get higher throughput and consistently accurate results.

Our broad portfolio encompasses reagents and analytical systems for applications such as clinical chemistry, hematology and coagulation. We also provide an array of clinical diagnostic systems to collect, transport, and test collected biological specimens from a wide range of suppliers.

Less expensive than complex laboratory based testing systems, the economical alternatives save money while meeting evidence-based standards by providing straightforward and immediate results to limit unnecessary delays.

Dedicated With Barcoded
Improgen Dedicated Read reagents are simple to use:
Step 1: Load your Dedicated Read reagent onto the clinical analyser.
Step 2: As all necessary settings are encoded on the barcode.
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Slide Freedom of choice from an independent manufacturer
We are dedicated to providing reagents that fit perfectly with your laboratory needs.
In addition to providing an extensive test menu of the highest quality reagents, we also ensure flexibility,
convenience and ease of use with our dedicated read reagent bottles.
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