User friendly reagents for reliable results

  • The Improgen clinical chemistry portfolio offers more than 50 ready-to-use reagents for routine and special diagnostics with outstanding performance and optimized stability.
  • Improgen clinical chemistry reagents are available in different vials and kit sizes for manual and automated use in various common clinical chemistry analyzers.
  • Improgen reagents, combined with optimized applications on many instruments, standardized calibrators and tailored quality control material, form a harmonized system for all laboratory demands.
  • Liquid-stable, ready-to-use reagents.
  • Wide measuring ranges. Excellent linearity.
  • Minimized interferences. Advanced lipid clearing system.
  • Excellent stability on shelf and on board. Extended calibration stability.
  • Standardized to international reference material or method.
  • Applications available for a variety of common photometers.
Products Description
Cat. No.
Calcium CAL9911 (5x100mL)
CAL9921 (5x50mL)
UIBC – U.Iron Binding Capacity UIB9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
UIB9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
UIB9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
Iron IRN9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
IRN9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
IRN9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
IRN9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Magnesium MAG9911 (5x100mL)
MAG9921 (5x50mL)
MAG9931 (4x25mL + 1xmL)
Phosphorus PHP9911 (5x100mL)
PHP9921 (5x50mL)
PHP9931 (5x25mL)
Products Description
Cat. No.
ACP – Acid Phosphatase ACP9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
ALT – Alanine Aminotransferase ALT9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
ALT9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
AST – Aspartarte Aminotransferase AST9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
AST9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
ALP – Alkaline Phostphatase APH9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
APH9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
CK – Creatinine Kinase CKN9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
CKN9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
CKN9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
CK-MB – Creatinine Kinase – MB CKM9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
CKM9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
CKM9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
LDH – Lactate Dehydrogenase LDH9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
LDH9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
LDH9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
Lipase LIP9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
LIP9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
α-Amylase AMY9911 (5x100mL)
AMY9921 (5x50mL)
AMY9931 (5x25mL)
AMY9941 (5x10mL)
α-Amylase Pancreatic PAM9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
γGT – γ-Glutamyl Transferase GGT9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
GGT9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
GGT9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
Products Description
Cat. No.
ASO – Antistreptolysin “O” ASO9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
ASO9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
ASO9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
ASO9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
CHE – Cholinesterase CHE9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
CHE9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
CRP – C-reactive Protein CRP9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
CRP9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
CRP9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
CRP9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
IgA – Immunoglobulin A IGA9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
IgE – Immunoglobulin E IGE9941 (2x10mL + 1x10mL)
IgG – Immunoglobulin G IGG9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
IgM – Immunoglobulin M IGM9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Hemoglobin A1C Direct HBA9931 (3x25mL + 1x25mL)
HBA9941 (3x10mL + 1x10mL)
RF – Rheumatoid Factor RHF9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
RHF9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
RHF9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
RHF9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Microalbumin Uria MAL9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
MAL9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Transferrin TFE9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Complement C3 CC39941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Complement C4 CC49941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
APO A-1 – Apolipoprotein A1 AA19941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Apolipoprotein A-II AA29941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
APO B – Apolipoprotein B AB19941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Apolipoprotein C-II AC29941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Apolipoprotein C-III AC39941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Apolipoprotein E AE19941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
C-Reactive Protein hs HCR9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Homocysteine HCY9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Cystatin-C CYC9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Ferritin FER9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
FER9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
FER9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Products Description
Cat. No.
Albumin ABM9911 (5x100mL)
ABM9921 (5x50mL)
Creatinine 4+1 CRE9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
CRE9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
Creatinine 1+1 CR19931 (2x100mL + 2x100mL)
CR19941 (2x50mL + 2x50mL)
Creatinine Enzymatic CEN9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Bilirubin (Direct) DBR9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
DBR9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
DBR9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
Glucose GLU9911 (5x100mL)
GLU9921 (5x50mL)
Glucose Hexokinase GLH9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
HDL-Cholesterol HDL9911 (3x100mL + 1x100mL)
HDL9921 (3x50mL + 1x50mL)
HDL9931 (3x25mL + 1x25mL)
HDL9941 (3x10mL + 1x10mL)
LDL-Cholesterol LDL9911 (3x100mL + 1x100mL)
LDL9921 (3x50mL + 1x50mL)
LDL9931 (3x25mL + 1x25mL)
LDL9941 (3x10mL + 1x10mL)
Bilirubin (Total) TBR9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
TBR9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
TBR9931 (4x25mL + 1x25mL)
Total Cholesterol TCH9911 (5x100mL)
TCH9921 (5x50mL)
Total Bile Acids TBI9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Total Protein TPR9911 (5x100mL)
TPR9921 (5x50mL)
Urinary Protein URP9941 (5x10mL)
Triglycerides TRG9911 (5x100mL)
TRG9921 (5x50mL)
TRG9931 (5x25mL)
Urea URE9911 (4x100mL + 1x100mL)
URE9921 (4x50mL + 1x50mL)
Uric Acid URA9911 (5x100mL)
URA9921 (5x50mL)
Products Description
Cat. No.
D-Dimmer DDI9941 (3x10mL + 1x10mL)
Zinc ZIN9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Ethanol ETH9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Copper CU09941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Chloride CLR9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Fructosamine FRU9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Haptoglobin HPG9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Procalcitoinin PCC9941 (1x20mL + 1x10mL)
β₂-Microglobulin B2M9941 (1x50mL)
G6PDH – Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase G6P9941 (1x50mL)
ACE – Angiotensin Converting Enzyme ACE9941 (1x50mL)
ADA – Adenosine Deaminase ADA9941 (1x50mL)
Xilose XIL9941 (1x50mL)
CO2 – Carbon Dioxide CO29941 (1x50mL)
Aldolase ADL9941 (1x50mL)
Vitamin B12 B129941 (1x50mL)
Vitamin D VID9941 (1x50mL)
Troponin I TP19941 (1x50mL)
Sodium SOD9941 (1x50mL)
Oxalate OXA9941 (1x50mL)
Ammonium Enzymatic-UV AMM9941 (1×60 ml/8×5 ml )
Lithium LIT9941 (4x10mL + 1x10mL)
Prealbumin PRA9941 (1x50mL)
Potassium PTS9941 (1x50mL)
Alfa-1-Antitrypsin AAT9941 (1x40mL + 1x10mL)
Cerulomlasmin Immunoturbid. CRN9941 (1x40mL + 1x10mL)
Alfa-1-Acid Glycoprotein AGP9941 (1x50mL)
Citrate CTR9941 (1x50mL)
Fructose FRT9941 (1x50mL)
Antithrombin III AT39941 (1x50mL)

Dedicated With Barcoded
Improgen Dedicated Read reagents are simple to use:
Step 1: Load your Dedicated Read reagent onto the clinical analyser.
Step 2: As all necessary settings are encoded on the barcode.
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