A unique portfolio of liquid and ready-to-use routine reagents for the screening and detection of potential hemostasis disorders. Designed to increase lab efficiency, the hemostasis ImproGen reagents complement advanced automation systems through clotting, immunologic, and chromogenic methods to reduce laboratory wastes with extended on-board vial stability.

PTH0813 PT (Thromboplastin-DS, High Sensitivity) 10*4 mL
PTH0823 PT (Thromboplastin-DS, High Sensitivity) 1*4mL
PTH0833 PT (Thromboplastin-DS, High Sensitivity) 10*2 mL
PTH0843 PT (Thromboplastin-DS, High Sensitivity) 1*2mL
APT0813 APTT-XL, High Sensitivity 10*4 mL
APT0823 APTT-XL, High Sensitivity 1*2mL
CAC0813 Calcium Chloride 10*10 mL
CAC0823 Calcium Chloride 1*10mL
BTH0813 Bovine Thrombin 200 NIH Fibrinojen 10*2 mL
BTH0823 Bovine Thrombin 200 NIH 1*2mL
IBS0813 Imidozole Bufffered Saline (IBS) 2*135mL
IBS0823 Imidozole Bufffered Saline (IBS) 1*135mL
LYO0813 Fibrinogen Reference Plasma 10*1mL
DLA0813 D-Dimer Latex Assay Kit 80 Det
DLA0823 D-Dimer Latex Assay Kit 20 Det
DDI9941 D-Dimer Latex Assay Kit For AutoCoagulation S.Pack
DDI0011 D-Dimer Controls 2*1ml
DDI0511 D-Dimer Calibrators 1*1ml
CPN0813 Coagulation Control Plasma Normal 10*1mL
CPN0823 Coagulation Control Plasma Normal 1*1mL
CPA0813 Coagulation Control Plasma ABNormal 10*1mL
CPA0823 Coagulation Control Plasma ABNormal 1*1mL
CPE0813 Coagulation Control Plasma Extended 10*1mL
CPE0823 Coagulation Control Plasma Extended 1*1mL

Dedicated With Barcoded
Improgen Dedicated Read reagents are simple to use:
Step 1: Load your Dedicated Read reagent onto the clinical analyser.
Step 2: As all necessary settings are encoded on the barcode.
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We are dedicated to providing reagents that fit perfectly with your laboratory needs.
In addition to providing an extensive test menu of the highest quality reagents, we also ensure flexibility,
convenience and ease of use with our dedicated read reagent bottles.
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