Kadir UCA | IVD Dep. ManagerEconomist

Job History
  • Damla Publisher | 1999-2000 | Accounting Assistant Manager
  • Claretta Group  | 2000-2004 | General Coordinator
  • Archem Diagnostic – Sezmed | 2004-2008 | Marketing Manager – Chairman of the Board
  • Diaclinica, Medianaliz, Bioanalytic | 2008-2017 | Founding General Manager
  • Istanbul University Faculty of Economics 2001
  • Istanbul Bakırköy IHL 1997
  • Istanbul Sefaköy Fevzi Çakmak I.O. 1990

Kadir UCA, originally an economist, has worked as a manager, innovative marketer, founder and mentor in the healthcare field since 1998.
It has absorbed customer satisfaction and has carried out a work with positive references in the field of health in all business life.

“The key to long-term customer satisfaction is based on mutual benefit and trust”

contact details

+90 212 809 00 09
Istanbul / Turkey

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