Benefits Of ImproGen Reagents

  • ImproGen offers the largest range of chemistries
    • Reducing the need to source products from multiple suppliers
    • The widest range of routine and niche reagents for comprehensive testing profiles
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents available
    • Ensuring ease of use within the laboratory, increased productivity and faster turnaround times
    • For added convenience and accuracy of testing
  • Automated applications for a wide range of clinical analysers
    • Applications available for hundreds of biochemistry analysers ensures confidence in testing
    • Our Easy Read and Easy Fit options ensure flexibility and choice from an independent manufacturer
  • Proof of quality and commitment to providing the best reagents in the market
    • Excellent correlation to reference methods
    • Our extremely tight manufacturing tolerances ensure uniformity across reagent batches
  • Wide measuring ranges
    • Ensures all results can be covered by one single reagent
    • Reduces the costs of purchasing different reagents with different measuring ranges

Dedicated With Barcoded
Biochemistry Reagents For Toshiba Accute Series

Compatible Analyzers:
Toshiba Accute
Toshiba FR

Cat. No.
Products Description
ACP5011 ACP – Acid Phosphatase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
ALT5011 ALT – Alanine Aminotransferase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
ABM5011 Albumin (6x50mL)
APH5011 ALP – Alkaline Phostphatase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
AMM5011 Ammonia Standard Pack
ASO5011 ASO – Antistreptolysin “O” (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
ASO5021 ASO – Antistreptolysin “O” (3x25mL + 3x7mL)
AST5011 AST – Aspartarte Aminotransferase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
CAL5011 Calcium (6x50mL)
CHE5011 CHE – Cholinesterase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
CRP5011 CRP – C-reactive Protein (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
CRP5021 CRP – C-reactive Protein (3x25mL + 3x7mL)
CRE5011 Creatinine (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
CKN5011 CK – Creatinine Kinase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
CKN5021 CK – Creatinine Kinase (3x25mL + 3x7mL)
CKM5011 CK-MB – Creatinine Kinase – MB (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
CKM5021 CK-MB – Creatinine Kinase – MB (3x25mL + 3x7mL)
CYC5011 Cystatin-C Standard Pack
DBR5011 Bilirubin (Direct) (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
ETH5011 Ethanol (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
ETH5021 Ethanol (3x25mL + 3x7mL)
FER5011 Ferritin (3x30mL + 3x15mL)
FER5021 Ferritin (1x30mL + 1x15mL)
LDH5011 LDH – Lactate Dehydrogenase (3x48mL + 3x12mL)
GLU5011 Glucose (3x50mL)
HDL5011 HDL-Cholesterol (3x45mL + 3x15mL)
HDL5021 HDL-Cholesterol (3x30mL + 3x10mL)
HBA5011 Hemoglobin A1C Direct (3x15mL + 3x5mL)
HBA5021 Hemoglobin A1C Direct (1x15mL + 1x5mL)
HCY5011 Homocysteine Standard Pack
IGA5011 IgA – Immunoglobulin A (1x50mL + 1x14mL)
IGE5011 IgE – Immunoglobulin E (1x20mL + 1x10mL)
IGG5011 IgG – Immunoglobulin G (1x50mL + 1x14mL)
IGM5011 IgM – Immunoglobulin M (1x50mL + 1x14mL)
IRN5011 Iron (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
LDL5011 LDL-Cholesterol (3x45mL + 3x15mL)
LDL5021 LDL-Cholesterol (3x30mL + 3x10mL)
LIP5011 Lipase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
LIP5021 Lipase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
MAG5011 Magnesium (3x50mL)
MAL5011 Microalbumin Uria (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
PHP5011 Phosphorus (3x50mL)
RHF5011 RF – Rheumatoid Factor (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
RHF5021 RF – Rheumatoid Factor (3x25mL + 3x7mL)
TBI5011 Total Bile Acids Standard Pack
TBR5011 Bilirubin (Total) (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
TCH5011 Total Cholesterol (3x50mL)
TPR5011 Total Protein (3x50mL)
TFE5011 Transferrin Standard Pack
TRG5011 Triglycerides (3x50mL)
UIB5011 UIBC – U.Iron Binding Capacity (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
URE5011 Urea (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
URA5011 Uric Acid (3x50mL)
URP5011 Urinary Protein (3x50mL)
ZIN5011 Zinc (1x40mL + 1x10mL)
AMY5011 α-Amylase (3x50mL)
AMY5021 α-Amylase (3x25mL)
GGT5011 γGT – γ-Glutamyl Transferase (3x50mL + 3x14mL)
CLR5011 Chloride Standard Pack
CC35011 Complement C3 Standard Pack
CC45011 Complement C4 Standard Pack
CU05011 Copper Standard Pack
CEN5011 Creatinine Enzymatic Standard Pack
FRU5011 Fructosamine Standard Pack
HPG5011 Haptoglobin Standard Pack
LIT5011 Lithium Standard Pack
PAM5011 α-Amylase Pancreatic Standard Pack
PTS5011 Potassium Standard Pack
PRA5011 Prealbumin Standard Pack
PCC5011 Procalcitoinin Standard Pack
SOD5011 Sodium Standard Pack
TP15011 Troponin I Standard Pack
B125011 Vitamin B12 Standard Pack
VID5011 Vitamin D Standard Pack
B2M5011 β₂-Microglobulin Standard Pack
AHD5011 αHBDH – α-Hydroxybutyrate Dhd. Standard Pack

Dedicated With Barcoded
Improgen Dedicated Read reagents are simple to use:
Step 1: Load your Dedicated Read reagent onto the clinical analyser.
Step 2: As all necessary settings are encoded on the barcode.
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